Anhkim Dang [Della Notte]

Released on May 7, 2022

When I initially pitched Della Notte, I was on the fence whether or not I would actually work on this with analog film and analog materials. I thought I would be doing something completely different and I never imagined that I would be the one to make an animated film on a Super8 camera. This film is such a special moment in time. I am so happy with how it turned out, the decisions I made, the things I went through, and this new development in my practice. I have to specially thank my composer Hyunseo Park and my cellist Thiago Wolf. I am so grateful to have two wonderful and amazing musicians bring my vision to a completely different level! Every moment of this film and making was truly marvelous, I will cherish this forever.

Thank you to Hyunseo Park for composing and performing the piano and another thank you to Thiago Wolf for the amazing cello performance!

A film by Anhkim Dang
Music composed by Hyunseo Park
Piano performed by Hyunseo Park
Cello performed by Thiago Wolf
© MassArt 2022
Processed and Scanned by colorlab


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