Bruno Mattos Rubeiz [The Ballad of Fred Fort]

Released on October, 2023

The Ballad of Fred Fort (at Columbia University Film Festival 2023)
The Ballad of Fred Fort (at Montclair Film Festival 2023)
The Ballad of Fred Fort (at 24fps International Short Film Festival)
The Ballad of Fred Fort has received a Horizon Award from 24fps International Short Film Festival.

United States, 14 minutes

On a dark, placid lake, Fred Fort (30s) pushes a small dinghy into the water and rows the boat deep into the lake. With the help of a hydrophone, Fred hears something in the depths of the lake producing echolocation. At his small lake house, Fred marks the location where he recorded the echolocation on a map. He’s hunting for Maggie, the local lake monster of Lake Margaret. Having spent his life by the lake and talking to locals about their own sightings, Fred continues to gather evidence of Maggie’s existence. He has learned everything he could since he was a child from his mother, who took the most famous photo of Maggie. What can Fred do when he learns of a terrible secret about the creature?

Writer/Director: Bruno Mattos Rubeiz
Producer: Samantha Lori Glass
Director of Photography: Cailin Yatsko
Editor: Ethan Beach
Cast: Seth Clayton

Composer: Hyunseo Park
Violinists: Ding Sng, Soo Choi, Luna Lim
Cellist: Celia Mae Sieckert
Flutist: Grin Shin


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