Rescore Project of [Strangers]

Released on December, 2022

United States, 19 mins

'Strangers' is a novella film of mystery, romance and a hint of murder about two broken characters who awkwardly meet at a crossroad. Each face a choice between atonement or demise while touching on the possibility of love.

Director: Eric D. Howell
Writer: Andrew Shaw
Stars: James Denton, Marta Milans, Stephen Yoakam
Original film:

[Music Rescoring Credits]
Composer: Hyunseo Park
Violinists: Anujin Mendsaikhan, Soo Choi, Manuelita Rojas
Cellist: Chenge Liu

*Disclaimer: The rescore project was part of the academic exercise during my time at Berklee College of Music. I do not hold the rights to the film or its original score. The score uploaded should be viewed solely as an example of my work and in no way an original collaboration.


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