seasons [seasons with friends]

Released on July 22, 2023

“Through the flow of time, I pray that my life and every breath will be lifted as an offering. We hope to follow with all that we are, in the footsteps of the One who walks with us.”
“이곳에서의 시간 동안 성실히 함께하신 하나님, 우리도 하나님의 신실한 친구 되길 원합니다.”
“Our heart’s desire is to worship You through every season wherever we stand. Let this place and this moment be worship to You.”

1. 나 무엇과도 주님을 Heart and Soul (Live)
2. I Need You More (Live)
3. Here I Am To Worship (Live)

1. 나 무엇과도 주님을 (Live)
Original song title: Heart and Soul
Written by Wes Sutton

2. I Need You More (Live)
Written by Lyndell Cooley, Bruce Haynes

3. Here I Am To Worship (Live)
Written by Tim Hughes

seasons with friends:
Hannah Kwon, Joonho Lee, Hyundo Yoo, nathan suh, Sweater, Deborah Park,
Sam Woo Seok Choi, James Sohn, bo, Dokyung Lee, Jihae, Grin Shin,
Hyunseo Park, Sean Park, Justin Kwak

Produced by seasons
Mixed by bo
Mastered by Sean Park

Album art by seasons


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